The Cost of Producing a Calendar in Summer

This is from a photographer's perspective.

1. Purchasing thousands of dollars worth of gear.
2. Pack it all up, bring his gear to the locations.
3. Shoot 12 girls ALL DAY in different poses, outfits for the calendar in the blistering heat.
4. Pack up all the gear, travel home, download the photographs.
5. Go through, color correct the photographs, develop them, pick the shots, retouch/edit all the photographs for the calendar for hours and hours and hours!
6. Design all the pages for the calendar, get approval from all the girls for the shots and layouts via email and endless phone calls.
7. Find a place to have the calendar printed, figure out who the hell is going to pay for the calendar to be printed.
8. Have the calendar delivered to his home so that he/she can review for errors and mistakes.
9. Deliver the calendars to the girls who have been anxiously awaiting for said calendar for all the hard work they put in...
10. Then deal with unhappy models because they do not have a fanbase with enough people who want to buy their calendar.