Agreement & Terms + Under Promise & Over Deliver

Many new, models and photographers spend little time focusing on the most important part of the shoot - AGREEMENT AND TERMS. Releases and Usage Licenses are something those new to the industry pay no regard. If you are serious about your craft, make sure you retain a CONTRACT LAWYER who can look over a standard release you wish to use. Don't just go changing things on your own, that method is destined for disaster.

TF Terms:
Terms are not one size fits all. Some photographers give one retouched image, some give 100 images untouched on a CD - again there is no set protocol. My terms vary by model and situation. Always clarify terms before a shoot. Ask questions that give direct answers. And then clarify again. Just make sure to agree to everything upfront and in writing. Getting it in writing is extremely important. Many disputes could have easily been resolved by putting the agreement in writing. Verbal agreements become he said, she said.

Realistic Agreements:
Follow through on everything you say you will do. Don't commit to delivering things you might not be able to and you should be fine. If you say you'll have the photos in 3 days, DELIVER THEM IN LESS THAN 3 DAYS! If you promise a model a CD of 100 images, you better provide this. Also if you promise to retouch 10 images and you want to do it right, this can take 2-3 hours. If you do serious re-touch, clean hair, clean wrinkles, mask and adjust background - that may run 2-3 hours per picture. If for some odd reason you can't deliver upon agreed to terms offer compensation and COMMUNICATE. Communication goes a long way.

When booking paid gigs, it is important to always ask for a deposit paid before the shoot. This eliminates flakes and those who are not serious. If they can't do a deposit, then move on.

I hope the tips mentioned help you understand how to negotiate terms for a shoot. These tips are meant to serve as basic guidelines for a shoot. Always go with your gut and a deal that is good for both parties should yield amazing results. With extreme fraud in the world we live in, those who do deliver more than they promised will make out better in the long run. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to send you customizable standard form I use when booking shoots.

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