Dealing with Flakes for Photographers

Generally, new models will have the highest flake ratio. Treat a shoot like you are hiring any employee and ask for references, ID in advance, or go through an agency who will fire her if she doesn't show! Always and I mean always, charge for your shoots. Take a NON-Refundable deposit that is applied to their shoot. You may still have flakes, but that's spending money when they don't show.

Red flag if a model uses any of these terms during correspondence:

1.) Escort

2.) Canon vs Nikon

3.) Mac vs PC

4.) How many pictures am I going to get?

5.) GWC this and that

Remember: If your work is good enough and the model you are choosing to work with is professional they will not object to this and will most likely commend you for being thorough and having all of your ducks in order.

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